Dennis Cravens Certified RV & Marine, LLC
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RV Service

We service and repair RV’s of all makes, ages, and sizes. We’ll diagnose and fix whatever issue your RV is experiencing at a reasonable rate so that you can get back on the road.

Generator Repair

Is your generator not working properly? We can help! We offer great generator repair services, especially for RV and camper generators. We’ll work quickly so that it will help you camp more comfortably.

Roof Cap and Seal

Has the roof of your RV been damaged? Is it leaking? If so, our roof cap and seal services will take care of the problem! Our roof repair and maintenance services will also prevent future issues from coming up.

RV Plumbing

The plumbing is one of the most important features of your RV, which is why we offer RV plumbing maintenance and repair services. We can address a wide range of RV plumbing concerns, including clogs, leaks, water pressure problems, and more.

RV Electrical

If your RV is having electrical issues, we can address and take care of them. We’ll be able to identify the source of the electrical problem and find the best way to resolve it. We’ll keep all of the conveniences and integral electrical components of your RV working perfectly.